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What's MobiChat?

MobiChat is Live Chat for Your Mobile Website or App
MobiChat is the first and only live chat system built specifically for mobile lead generation. Customers chat from your app or mobile website.

Our sleek responsive design provides a better customer experience then other chat solutions available. One of the key differentiators is our patent pending RealCapture technology. Easily capture, validate, and post customer information right from in the chat.

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Why Use MobiChat?

6 Reasons You Need MobiChat
1. Mobile Traffic is growing exponentially.
2. Provides Best Mobile Experience for Customers.
3. Creates Higher Mobile Engagement.
4. Easily Integrates with your services.
5. Replace Mobile Forms.
6. Offers Many Customizations.
Full Feature List


Whatever the plan you choose, all features of MobiChat are included so you can take full advantage of the platform.
  • 1Conditional LogicSee Benefits
  • 2Post data to email, SMS, or http post integrations (SalesForce)See Benefits
  • 3Response ValidationsSee Benefits
  • 4Error MessagingSee Benefits
  • 5Custom Redirects After 100% Lead Capture CompletionSee Benefits
  • 6Easy List Menu Multiple Choice QuestionsSee Benefits
  • 1Browser Based ChatSee Benefits
  • 2Chat Can Be Embedded Into Iphone Or Android Apps With EaseSee Benefits
  • 3Responsive DesignSee Benefits
  • 4Click To CallSee Benefits
  • 5Custom Campaign MessagingSee Benefits
  • 6Enterprise Routing
  • 7Iphone/Android Agent AppsSee Benefits
  • 8Windows Desktop CRMSee Benefits
  • 9API Integrations
  • 10Custom Branding For Companies And Agents
  • 11Integrate Email
  • 12International Sms SupportSee Benefits
  • 13Precanned MessagingSee Benefits
  • 14Assign Agents Multiple CampaignsSee Benefits
  • 15Conversion TrackingSee Benefits
  • 16Bulk Upload AgentSee Benefits
  • 17Custom Chat Call To Action Content For Your Site.See Benefits
  • 18Unlimited CampaignsSee Benefits
  • 1SMS Chat Invite - When no agents are available to chat. Customers can enter their mobile number and receive an SMS with a link to enter a chat when an agent becomes available.See Benefits
  • 2Unattended Lead Capture - By clicking Submit My Info with the Mobile Chat form. Customers have the option to complete the mobile chat form (lead capture) without an agent present.See Benefits
  • 3Use the skip feature to have the customer skip the locating agent, agent found, or SMS Chat InviteSee Benefits

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MobiChat, headquartered in Gulf Breeze, FL was founded in March of 2013. Founders Douglas Tubbs and Douglas Petrie put 28 years of combined software development and marketing experience into the development of the software. The company was started for the sole purpose of helping create an all-inclusive mobile customer experience. Since its inception, MobiChat has been funded by the owners with no outside capital.


354 State Street Suite 105 Hackensack, NJ 07601
PO Box 304 Gulf Breeze, FL 32563